LDM is a broad-spectrum natural antibiotic that is prepared from the Lomatium Dissectum root. It has been used to treat bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, especially those involving the respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin and eyes. The Native American Indians used this natural healing plant long before it was introduced into our Western culture. The herbalists of the 1930’s used this plant in a tea to treat Influenza during major epidemics.

Dr. Erickson has this preparation made up especially for the Preventive Medicine Center by an herbalist. Single-sourcing of the plant material ensures quality control. Our 20 year experience with LDM has been remarkable. We have seen infections resolve within several days in some cases, including skin infections, flu’s, and pneumonia.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: A small percentage of people will break out in a rash that looks like measles. Whether this is a cleansing reaction or allergy is unknown, but it usually occurs only at high doses of LDM (above 60 drops a day). LDM should be discontinued if a rash occurs. This product is in a 20% tincture of alcohol and should not be used in patient’s taking Antibuse or who are sensitive to alcohol. Dr. Erickson does not advise taking herbal products, including LDM, during pregnancy.

HOW TO TAKE: For adults, start with 5 drops three times a day for 2 days, then increase to 12 drops three times a day until well, unless otherwise directed. LDM may be mixed with water or juice, or placed directly in the mouth and swallowed. Use until symptoms clear plus several additional days.

Dr. Erickson also uses this product prophylactically to boost the immune system when traveling or going out in crowds. Take ½ dropper before flying or going out to a concert, athletic event, etc. This product works best at the onset of symptoms of a cold or infection. It is not intended for daily use and should not be used past 2 weeks.


GMO is an abbreviation for genetically modified organism. In most cases a GMO has been altered by inserting a foreign gene DNA from one organism into another. Over 90% of the corn, soybean, sugar beet, cotton and canola crops sold in the US have been genetically modified. The vast majority of vitamin C supplements are a by-product of corn or high fructose corn syrup and often the ingredients label doesn’t specify the source of vitamin C.

There is controversy whether GMO foods are safe to eat. Organizations such as the World Health Organization, the AMA, the U.S. Academy of Sciences and many others have concluded genetically modified foods are safe to eat. However, there are multiple countries including Japan, Australia, and all the countries in the European Union that have restrictions or outright bans on the sale of GMO products. At this point, the concerns about GMOs are theoretical and there are no long term studies I am aware of in humans proving either safety or health issues with GMOs.

At the Center we use only non-corn derived vitamin C for IV use or oral forms. We carry oral vitamin C derived from tapioca that is non-GMO. 120 capsules of 1000mg/capsule sells for $27, or buffered vitamin C crystals in chelated form 250 grams for $27 (4.8 grams = 2500mg of vitamin C).


The Preventive Medicine Center offers supplements for sale to our patients both for patient convenience and for quality assurance by manufacturers Dr. Erickson has researched. Most of the supplements we carry are pharmaceutical grade and the companies adhere to cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) to ensure quality and purity of their products. No patient is required to purchase supplements at the Center and many patients are continued on their choice of supplements if they are doing well. We realize that some of the products we offer are also sold on the Internet and may be offered at a lower price. Some of these sites are warehouses that are not climate controlled, which could affect the quality of the product. We are happy to match any legitimately advertised price for an identical product.