Many physicians may not be familiar with DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) or Thermography. The information on the Thermography website for the general public is intended to provide a concise picture of what DITI can and cannot do. This section provides a more detailed picture of the different applications for Thermography and includes references. There has been a high level of refinement in DITI since the early 1990′s due to advances in sensitivity, reliability, and the huge technological advances that have taken place in computing, solid state miniaturization, and declassification of military electronic super cooling and infrared technology. Today’s DITI scanners have super-cooled thermally stable receiver units capable of readings accurate to 100th of a degree. The material and images for this presentation is courtesy of Meditherm™.

Peter Leando, Ph.D. is the developer of the Meditherm 2000 DITI unit we use at Gainesville Thermography, LLC. We feel it is the best medical thermal imaging unit currently available. Dr. Leando previously trained physicians and staff at Duke University Medical Center in the use of the Meditherm 2000 unit in their pain clinic. The Gainesville Thermography staff and I had the privilege of training under Dr. Leando when he was living in Lakeland, Florida.

Robert A. Erickson, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.