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A large network of physicians and health care providers practicing integrative and/or alternative medicine.

No. Alternative therapies are most appropriate in chronic conditions or to be used in a preventive way. The top three causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Both traditional doctors and alternative health care providers agree that these diseases could be prevented or improved with proper diet and life-style changes in many instances. In acute conditions such as heart attack, stroke, or acute trauma, traditional medicine excels and is most appropriate.

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The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good law. Since 1992, they have worked to shift the medical paradigm from an exclusive focus on surgery, drugs, and other conventional techniques to an “integrative” approach incorporating functional foods, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes. The ANH-USA lobbies Congress and state legislatures, acts as a government watchdog, files comments on proposed rulings, and educates the public, press and other decision-makers. There is no cost for an individual to join this organization. Be informed on proposed legislation that could affect health care choices for you and your children.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a non-profit organization concerned with protecting public health and the environment. This group lobbies Congress to replace federal policies, including government subsidies that damage the environment and natural resources, with policies that invest in conservation and sustainable development, and reduce environmental pollution that adversely affects all our health. It lists foods that are both highest and lowest in pesticides, for example.

Do you know what’s in your cosmetics? Could your brand of lipstick contain lead? These sites rate different brands of cosmetics and other personal use products.