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Summer Vacation – The Center will be closing on Thursday, June 16th at noon and remain closed through Friday, June 24th. Dr. Erickson and his staff will be out of the office for their annual summer vacation. The Center will reopen Monday, June 27th at 9am.

Please contact the Center no later than June 9th for prescription refills. If you have an urgent medical problem while the Center is closed, please contact your primary care physician or go to an Urgent Care Center.

10% Patient Discount at Earth Origins – Earth Origins, formerly Mother Earth Market, is no longer honoring the 10% discount to Preventive Medicine Center patients on their purchases. You can still receive 10% off every Thursday.

Product Highlights: Florastor® contains Saccharomyces boulardii, a non-pathogenic yeast found naturally on the skin of lychee and mangosteen fruits.  Florastor® is the number one probiotic worldwide and has a 50 year history of safe and effective use. Long term use of Florastor is not associated with complications.  Florastor® is no longer in the stools two to five days after discontinuing treatment.

As Florastor® is not a bacteria such as lactobacillus, Dr. Erickson likes to prescribe it at the same time a person is taking an antibiotic. Friendly bacterial probiotics may be killed by antibiotics whereas Saccharomyces is not. He does not advise taking Florastor® if a person is on an antifungal. According to the Canadian Society of Gastrointestinal Research, Florastor® enters the bowel and lines it with billions of harmless live yeast cells. These cells act as a temporary gut lining by naturally increasing the body’s immune system, which overpowers the toxins released by bad bacteria. Florastor also naturally increases the body’s production of digestive enzymes, which aid in digestion and nutrient absorption within the gut. The usual dose is one capsule twice daily without regard to meals. The Center carries this product at a cost of $48 for a bottle of 50 capsules.

Immune Option Powder is again available. This product contains a blend of 60+ select nutraceuticals and nutrients designed to work synergistically to modulate and enhance immune system function, decrease oxidative damage, promote liver detoxification and to normalize cell division according to the manufacturer. Normally $150/canister, we have reduced the price to $140 until our current supply is gone.



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We know that selecting a new doctor is a big decision, and we thank you for inquiring about The Preventive Medicine Center of Gainesville, Inc. The Center was established in March 2000 by Dr. Robert A. Erickson in response to more and more Americans seeking complementary and alternative therapies to traditional drug therapy alone, while at the same time wanting a trained medical doctor participating in their health care needs.

At the Center we take a nutritional approach to health and healing, rather than prescribing drugs whenever possible. This approach is integrated with the medications a patient is currently taking from other physicians. It has been our experience in some cases medications can eventually be reduced or even eliminated entirely if a patient so desires. The intent of this approach is to elevate one’s health through nutrition and life-style changes, rather than just treatment of symptoms with a drug.

We realize this type of approach is not for everyone and does not apply to every health condition. We encourage you to explore this website to get a better idea of our approach to health and wellness.

To find out more, see our Services, and read our Articles and Newsletters.

The focus of alternative medicine is elevation of health and wellness through the use of natural food supplements, life-style changes, diet, and other therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, or massage therapy.Learn More
Often times patients come to the Center not feeling well and told by their physician’s that nothing could be found to explain their symptoms. We help dig deeper to find the answer and a solution that works. Let Us Help
It has been estimated that 70% of all health problems have an underlying nutritional basis. Let our nutritional experts help find nutritional solutions you can count on for a better, healthier you.Get Started
Thermography is useful for screening multiple different conditions, and can also monitor the effects of treatment of a number of diseases or injuries such as arthritis, headaches, nerve damage and more.Schedule a Consult