Services include the evaluation and treatment of most non-emergency medical problems in an office environment:

• Physical exams
• Pelvic exams and pap smears
• Nutritional evaluations and counseling
• Sport’s medicine consultations
• Evaluation for exposure/toxicity with heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and environmental toxins
• Natural bio-identical hormonal replacement therapies for men and women
• Alternative therapies for pain management including treatment of fibromyalgia
• Evaluation of chronic fatigue
• Evaluation and treatment of thyroid dysfunction including Wilson’s syndrome
• Allergy treatment without shots
• Hair analysis of toxic and nutrient elements
• Stress management
• Heavy metal detoxification with I.V. EDTA or DMPS
• Bio-oxidative IV therapies (IV vitamin C)
• Kinesthetic testing of acupuncture meridians

If there is a specific service that is not listed but you have an interest in, please use our contact form. For a detailed explanation of the alternative services such as NAET, CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis), or complementary/alternative IV therapies, refer to the FAQ or Articles pages.